Gourmet Dining, LLC

Gourmet Dining is the premier food service company serving New Jersey. As New Jersey’s largest regional dining service company, Gourmet Dining operates on-site food service management for educational, corporate, healthcare and long term care throughout the state. We serve the New York/New Jersey Region, and employ over 2,000 full-time and 500 part-time employees with annual sales of over 145 M per year.

Our Mission

To provide an exemplary and unique dining experience for each client built on strong professional and personal relationships.

Our Focus

Gourmet is committed to meeting the continuously evolving, dynamic dining needs of our clients. Serving to a vastly diverse client base, Gourmet is very sensitive to the specific tastes, dietary & religious needs regarding our students, administrators, faculty and alumni. Our executive chefs and dietitians work together with our clients to help meet each individual’s dining need.

We work very closely with our customers to shape our dining program based on each location’s specific needs. Through collaborative efforts, our management team works with each of our partners to establish a foundation built upon strong relationships, clear expectations, and open lines of communication. The Gourmet approach allows us to create the most innovative, custom-designed food service programs in the industry.



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Gourmet Dining chairman, Alfred Frungillo, founded Gourmet Dining in 1987. Mr. Frungillo began his career in the food service industry when he founded Frungillo Caterers in 1972. Frungillo Caterers continues to operate today and has become the largest off premise catering company in the greater metropolitan area.In 1987, Mr. Frungillo saw that his expertise in the catering field would make a dramatic impact in the food service industry. To do this, he searched for an individual with complementary skills in the wholesale and retail aspects of the food service industry.He was fortunate to make the acquaintance of Ben Aiello. At the time, Mr. Aiello was the Vice President of Aiello Food Manufacturing and the head of its food service division for retail sales.

Gourmet Dining offers exceptional regional support with a creative, customized approach to onsite food service management. We prioritize superior quality and service and capital enhancements as the foundation for a long-term commitment to our clients’ goals and objectives. Our success comes from understanding the campus communities’ needs, enabling us to customize a dining program, instead of implementing a nationally mandated program designed to fit the average client. Gourmet Dining is able to tailor our programs specifically to the needs of our each of our client partners. This approach has created long-term partnerships at each of our 4-year higher education locations where we have a 100% retention rate, since our inception in 1988.

Our fundamental operational philosophy, bringing a partnership for growth and development, compels us to provide continual program evolution and recurrent reinvestment. Gourmet Dining’s client relationships are in actual fact cooperative partnership agreements, whereby client and contractor succeed in concert both operationally and financially. In February of 2014, Gourmet aligned with Compass Group supporting our approach to campus dining with the backing of Compass Group, the largest food service provider in the world.

Gourmet Dining is a New Jersey based company and has a great understanding of the contemporary tastes and lifestyles at the campus dining level in this region. From addressing the dietary concerns of vegans, dietary restrictions due to allergies or religious preference, environmental concerns of student activist, budgetary concerns of the student populace, time constraints of the commuter student body, and the overall level of student satisfaction, Gourmet Dining applies its passion and fervor as an industry leader in continually revitalizing and revolutionizing itself, and thus the dining locations which we serve.


1942: The Frungillo family began in the Food Industry in the 1920’s with their market in Newark’s First Ward


1972: Frungillo Caterers opens on Bloomfield Avenue in Bloomfield NJ

1987: Gourmet Dining is Founded

2014: Gourmet Dining & Compass Group Align


Campus Dining: 19 Locations
Seton Hall University: 1988 – present
The New Jersey Institute of Technology: 1991 – present
Fairleigh Dickinson University (Metropolitan Campus): 1996 – present
Fairleigh Dickinson University (Florham Campus): 1996 – present
Seton Hall Preparatory School 1997 – present
Bloomfield College: 2000 – present
Kean University: 2004 – present
Bergen Community College: 2007 – present
Bergen Community College (Lyndhurst Campus): 2008 – present
Caldwell University: 2010 – present
Manhattan College: 2011 – present
Jersey City University: 2011 – present
Rowan University: 2014 – present
Monmouth University: 2015 – present
Stevens Institute of Technology: 2015 – present
Rutgers University – Newark: 2016 – present
Rider University: 2018 – present
Rutgers University – Camden: 2019 – present
Rutgers University – Athletics: 2019 – present

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Alfred Frungillo

Michael Frungillo

Anthony Frungillo

Joseph Lally

Merri Matthews

Stacey Sclafani

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George Kuzma

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We are passionate about our food and believe we serve the best in this market. Food preparation and development standards are important to you and us. Gourmet Dining has developed high quality preparation and inspection procedures to ensure a complete adherence to these standards. Each step of food production, from planning and selection through the preparation and service is carefully programmed to maintain or exceed the level of standards required by our clients and our company.

All of our chefs are culinary educated and trained. Our unit managers are trained “in house” and are brought up through the ranks. Many of our unit managers have apprenticed with us while attending college and, having graduated, pursued full-time careers within our organization. Additionally, we employ a regional district manager to personally oversee each unit on a weekly basis. Each member of our senior management team visits each location on a monthly basis. In addition to the weekly site visits, we conduct communication meetings each week with the unit managers at our corporate offices to discuss any challenges or changes, and to receive feedback from the unit managers.